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Night view in color of happy people lined up for milkshakes on downtown street in summer.

Summer Night Fun

Reed Gustow
DANGRABBIT 129 1 scaled

Rick’s Path

Manny's Liquors & Wines

No More Spirits

Mike Stein
An empty bottle at a subway station in the Bronx.

The Empty Bottle

Harold Naideau
MASSI 468 1 scaled

Rooftop View

Kathleen Massi
View of wall in subtle colorations with boarded former door opening and shadow lines.

Wall with door and shadows

Reed Gustow
VJ247 scaled

Eiffel Tower and the Lamp Posts

Vicki Jauron
The Freedom Tower from Hopkins Avenue and Perry Street in Jersey City

Tangled Web and Tower

Mike Stein
Night view of house painted with large blocks of color,  a ladder and mop leaning against a wall.

House with ladder and mop

Reed Gustow
DANGRABBIT 434 1 scaled

Waiting for Lunch

MASSI 469 1 scaled

Met Bearded Guard

Kathleen Massi
The golden light of a winter sunrise, with a bird perched under the moon

Winter Moon Dawn

Mike Stein
KARLIN 126 1 scaled

The Circle of Life

Linda Karlin
Night view in color of people relaxing in a restaurant's outdoor seating in summer

A pleasant evening out

Reed Gustow
MASSI 464 1 scaled

Follow Me

Kathleen Massi
MASSI 381 1 scaled

Do Not Block

Kathleen Massi
JAURON 213 scaled

Central Park Boat House

Vicki Jauron
DANGRABBIT 420 1 scaled

Vintage Boutique

the turnstile inside the 183rd St. station for the subway in the Bronx, NY


Harold Naideau
STEIN 112 1

Soda and Restaurant

Mike Stein
Color image of intersection of small streets showing partial view of parked van.

Back street scene

Reed Gustow
HEUBISH 108 1 scaled

Golden Gate From The Trees

Rob Heubish
MASSI 154 1 scaled

The Turret II

Kathleen Massi
KARLIN153 scaled

Manhattan Transit

Linda Karlin
Under the Goethals Bridge

Down Under the Bridge

Mike Stein
Black and white view of fenced area under bridge.

Under the Bridge

Reed Gustow
VJ169 scaled

Green Reflections on the Lake at Central Park

Vicki Jauron
Strange to European eyes, fire escapes are an iconic feature in the 5 Boroughs of New York. As if a

Escape down(town?)

Paul Grayson
STEIN 118 1 scaled

Brooklyn Bridge Dream

Mike Stein
A row of taxis slowly make there under a classically designed crosswalk on 15th Street in New York

Classic Crosswalk

Jacques LeBlanc
The Original Nathan's Famous at night

Hot Dog Palace

Mike Stein
Please excuse the bad pun! Central Park is chock-full of activity centres. You can play, walk, run,

Not Battery Park!

Paul Grayson
Reflections on the restored “Coney Island” lettering on the gates of Ruby’s Bar and Grill. And

Coney Island Boardwalk Mermaid Mural

John Henderson
Dusk from 59th Street Bridge upper level

Cloud Bridge Drama

Mike Stein
Textured wall in subtle colors with small blue door.

Wall with blue door

Reed Gustow
VJ237 scaled

Bow Bridge on Easter Weekend

Vicki Jauron
Taken with a 4 Lens film camera. The film was cross processed to give it a unique style. images is

Delivery Guy

Tracey Elizabeth
Pink building with outside staircases in lower eastside Manhattan, NYC.

Pink bulidling – Lower eastside Manhattan

Maria Pulice
STEIN 116 1

Unisphere Dance

Mike Stein
KARLIN156 scaled

Sailing Along the Hudson

Linda Karlin
Concrete Jungle. King Nyani - The massive Gorilla Sculpture has a new home in Hudson Yards, New York

Gorilla in the Concrete Jungle – King Nyani (Hudson Yards, New York)

Maria Pulice
The Kosciuszko Bridge looms over rail tracks in the late afternoon light

Queens Freight Tracks

Mike Stein
Image of person under overpass illuminated with blue and purple lighting.

Waiting under blue and purple lights

Reed Gustow
It's Vegas baby! There are many kinds of fun provided there. What I like most is the innocent fun

Heaven & Hell

Paul Grayson
A twinkle coming off the edge of building situated in the westside of midtown Manhattan.

Twinkle Tower

Maria Pulice
Black and white scene of blighted area with new condos in background.

Passage of Time

Reed Gustow
Color view of wall below overpass showing electrical connection boxes and blue light.

Wall below overpass with blue light

Reed Gustow
The bustle of contemporary New York City keeps in step along Fifth Avenue in the shadow of a

Rhythm of the Street

Sharon Steinbach
DANGRABBIT 272 1 scaled

Under the Stairs

Overhead train tracks on Jerome Avenue, Bronx

Overhead Tracks, Bronx

Harold Naideau
Night view in color of happy people enjoying food outdoors on downtown street in summer.

Summer Night Life

Reed Gustow
STEIN 107 1

Brooklyn Elegance

Mike Stein

Eiffel Tower Askew

Vicki Jauron
Night view in color of dark alley, showing side of building with windows, light fixtures, and gate.

Dark Alley

Reed Gustow
MASSI 380 1 scaled

Taxi Parking Only

Kathleen Massi
STEIN 101 1 scaled

Manhattan Bridge Perspective

Mike Stein
Portal to another place and time.

Window to Another World

Krystle DiNicola
Sit down and immerse yourself in the beauty of autumn.

A Place To Sit and Relax

Linda Karlin
KARLIN206 scaled


Linda Karlin
Old building and remnants of days past, under a stormy sky. Color photograph.

Protect Glory

Night view in black and white of downtown business street with pedestrian on sidewalk.

Downtown at night

Reed Gustow
Black and white scene of wide, empty highway divided by traffic barrels.

Traffic Barrels

Reed Gustow
Friends walking along a quiet street in Providence, Rhode Island, against the backdrop of an

Taking a Stroll

I was on my way to Manhattan, and I captured this image from the bus.

Fuel Oil B&W

Juan Cortes
Black and white scene of wide, well paved highway with car approaching from a distance.

Road in November

Reed Gustow
While visiting the Dumbo area of Brooklyn, one must walk onto the Brooklyn Bridge to get this and

Brooklyn Bridge Sepia

Marisa Comple
Nagley's General Store which was featured on the show Northern Exposure in Talkeetna, Alaska.

Nagley’s Store

Vicki Jauron
DANGRABBIT 481 1 scaled

Market Street

DANGRABBIT 166 1 scaled

Behind the School

Looking up while behind the scenes at a Long Island arena in Nassau County. I was caught by the

Industrial Lines

Jessica Lempin
Ruins of an abandoned industrial facility

Water Works

Joe Cintorino
Night view in black and white of masked worker in brewery yard outside of brewery building.

Outside the brewery

Reed Gustow

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