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Night view in color of dark alley, showing side of building with windows, light fixtures, and gate.

Dark Alley

Reed Gustow
A sunny day on Surf Avenue, Coney Island

Coney Island Candy Apples

Mike Stein
KARLIN137 scaled

The Face of Freedom

Linda Karlin
KARLIN206 scaled


Linda Karlin
One of the most alluring aspects of Chinatown, New York, is its bounty of food and restaurants,

Abstract Street Art, Dining in Chinatown

Sharon Steinbach
The Harlem River Lift Bridge, built in 1956. One of many bridges in New York City that crosses the

Many Crossings

GRECO 161 1 scaled

Life at the Vessel

Fred Greco
Street corner and car in Jersey City

Down on the Corner

Mike Stein
Color image of intersection of small streets showing partial view of parked van.

Back street scene

Reed Gustow
Night view in color of delicatessen below trestle, on neighborhood cobblestone street.

Deli at night

Reed Gustow
A rainy night in Manhattan . The images was then  computer manipulated to be an abstract.

Manhattan Rain Abstract

Bobbie Turner
Black and white scene of empty, wide city road in early winter.

Early Winter, Empty Road

Reed Gustow
DANGRABBIT 534 1 scaled

Rock Dylan Pop

DANGRABBIT 461 1 scaled

Blushing Heavens

VJ169 scaled

Green Reflections on the Lake at Central Park

Vicki Jauron
Night view in black and white of empty marketplace structure with brick columns and cobblestone


Reed Gustow
It was late in the day and this side street was in heavy shadow when I took this shot. My initial

Wall Gargoyle, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Steve Speer
DANGRABBIT 194 1 scaled

Last Minute Ride

Part of the collection "alive and kicking", about fashion dolls who seem to live.

blond woman in red dress

Alexander Schilthuizen
This photo shows a different perspective of this skyscraper.

Freedom Tower Straight Up

Keith Rossein
Clouds reflecting into a mirrored building in Midtown Manhattan.

Cloud Reflections

Maria Pulice
Odd little, abandoned, tower-like structure sitting along the diesel line railroad track on Long

Along The Tracks

The Old Town of Dubrovnik has so many beautiful facades. This one struck me as we were entering one

Roof Lines, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Steve Speer
Night view in color of man seated at outdoor café table in colder weather.

Cafe´ in the evening

Reed Gustow
Black and white scene of blighted area with new condos in background.

Passage of Time

Reed Gustow
DANGRABBIT 334 1 scaled

Don’t Liter Please

Concrete Jungle. King Nyani - The massive Gorilla Sculpture has a new home in Hudson Yards, New York

Gorilla in the Concrete Jungle – King Nyani

Maria Pulice
KARLIN138 scaled

The Face of Freedom II

Linda Karlin
You can walk the entire perimeter of the Old Town of Dubrovnik along an elevated walkway. For this

Sentry Post, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Steve Speer
Chicago is a great place to observe and/or photograph many forms and classifications of

Chicago Public Library

Keith Rossein
Commuters descend stairs from elevated train

Descent from the El

Mike Stein
An abandoned little house, left in a decaying state, sits in the cold winter with an open window and

The Open Window

Our Air B&B was very close to this monastery and this image was shot at midnight on our way back

Monastery Bell Tower at Midnight, Hvar, Croatia

Steve Speer
Blue Tower Building in the Lower East Side of Manhattan - NYC.

Blue Steel

Maria Pulice
This is one of the two reflecting pools built to honor those killed in the 911 attack. It also

Reflecting Pool Reflections

Keith Rossein
Please excuse the bad pun! Central Park is chock-full of activity centres. You can play, walk, run,

Not Battery Park!

Paul Grayson
LEBLANC 101 1 scaled

The Green Door

Jacques LeBlanc
This is one of the few remaining blues clubs in Chicago. The photo was taken in October 2015.

Blue Chicago on Clark

Keith Rossein
Chicago is a great place to observe and/or photograph many forms and classifications of

Cultural Arts Center

Keith Rossein
KARLIN158 scaled

Brooklyn Bridge Span

Linda Karlin
VJ237 scaled

Bow Bridge on Easter Weekend

Vicki Jauron
The Freedom Tower from Hopkins Avenue and Perry Street in Jersey City

Tangled Web and Tower

Mike Stein

Hell Gate Bridge at Night

Vicki Jauron
Colorful streetscape on Calle Union

Colors of the Street

Mike Stein
Great old abandoned movie theater in Virginia.

Moonlite Theatre

Black and white scene of wide, well paved highway with car approaching from a distance.

Road in November

Reed Gustow
The larger than life bronze statue of Atlas on New York City's Fifth Avenue - installed in 1937 -

Masked Atlas, Fifth Avenue

Sharon Steinbach
Part of the New York City skyline as seen from Astoria, Queens. New modern buildings mixed with the

The Other Side

My original photograph taken from Brooklyn Bridge Park in 2013 has been digitally sketched.

Lower Manhattan in Pencil

Keith Rossein
The coolest, old, retro roadside diner with an amazing Volkswagen Bus parked outside. Funky scene in

Seaplane Diner

The golden light of a winter sunrise, with a bird perched under the moon

Winter Moon Dawn

Mike Stein
MASSI 471 1 scaled

Cityscape Closeup

Kathleen Massi
This location was directly below the Zagreb Cathedral and I initially came upon it during the harsh

Three Doors, Zagreb, Croatia

Steve Speer
VJ247 scaled

Eiffel Tower and the Lamp Posts

Vicki Jauron
MASSI 381 1 scaled

Do Not Block

Kathleen Massi
High above the bustling streets in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens, New York runs the twists and

Skyline Golden Rails

Sharon Steinbach

Train Yard – Color

Jessica Lempin
MASSI 436 1 scaled


Kathleen Massi
Flight Crew crossing over parking lot of TWA Hotel at JFK airport.

TWA crew

Maria Pulice
STEIN 118 1 scaled

Brooklyn Bridge Dream

Mike Stein
DUMBO area of Brooklyn, down by the Brooklyn Bridge and the Carousel, overlooking the Tribute in

All the Pretty Horses

The graphic quality of this viewing slot reminded me of the “Power” icon on computer devices. The

Sentry Post, Spanish Fortress, Hvar, Croatia

Steve Speer
My original photograph taken from Brooklyn Bridge Park in 2013 has been digitally drawn.

Lower Manhattan in Charcoal

Keith Rossein
Columbus Circle lends itself to photographing skyscrapers and sculpture in almost every direction.

Transparent World

Keith Rossein
A twinkle coming off the edge of building situated in the westside of midtown Manhattan.

Twinkle Tower

Maria Pulice
VJ244 scaled

Alexandre III Bridge Before Dawn

Vicki Jauron
An empty bottle at a subway station in the Bronx.

The Empty Bottle

Harold Naideau
This photo was taken from a rooftop at 86th Street on the West Side of Manhattan looking South.

Manhattan Along the Hudson

Keith Rossein
STEIN 115 1 scaled

Tropical Building Colors

Mike Stein
Manny's Liquors & Wines

No More Spirits

Mike Stein
Although many ingeniously-engineered lifts were installed from inception on the Tower, using the

Eiffel Steps

Paul Grayson
Croatia is a photographic wonderland. We spent three weeks there in 2014 starting in Dubrovnik and

Rovinj at Sunset, Croatia

Steve Speer

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