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Green and Pink Facade of a building in Chelsea, New York City.

Chelsea Facade – NYC

Maria Pulice
HEUBISH 108 1 scaled

Golden Gate From The Trees

Rob Heubish
Two women walk in the shadows, anonymous friends, but safe in the city, because they are strong

Together In The City

Paul Grayson
JAURON 248 scaled


Vicki Jauron
DUMBO area of Brooklyn, down by the Brooklyn Bridge and the Carousel, overlooking the Tribute in

All the Pretty Horses

KARLIN163 scaled

Brooklyn Bridge

Linda Karlin
Night view in black and white of rear portion of car in underground parking lot.

Parking garage

Reed Gustow
Goshen is a small village located in New York's Hudson Valley. This church sits in the center of

Goshen Presbyterian Church – Goshen, New York

Michael Donnelly
KARLIN158 scaled

Brooklyn Bridge Span

Linda Karlin
Color image of intersection of small streets showing partial view of parked van.

Back street scene

Reed Gustow
KARLIN214 scaled

Bridge in the Clouds I

Linda Karlin
KARLIN137 scaled

The Face of Freedom

Linda Karlin
Strange to European eyes, fire escapes are an iconic feature in the 5 Boroughs of New York. As if a

Escape down(town?)

Paul Grayson
Part of the New York City skyline as seen from Astoria, Queens. New modern buildings mixed with the

The Other Side

Winter wonderland at Madison Square Park, NYC.

Madison Square Park Winter – NYC

Maria Pulice
VJ247 scaled

Eiffel Tower and the Lamp Posts

Vicki Jauron
Abstracting Philly one building at a time.

Abstracting Philly VIII

Alice Borowsky
Industrial alley in Philadelphia. Love the pop of red.

Red Poles

Alice Borowsky
The coolest, old, retro roadside diner with an amazing Volkswagen Bus parked outside. Funky scene in

Seaplane Diner

Top down capture of Two Trees Lane in Bridgehampton just after a night of snow, taken in the morning

White Golden Way

Joanna L Steidle
Please excuse the bad pun! Central Park is chock-full of activity centres. You can play, walk, run,

Not Battery Park!

Paul Grayson
Flight Crew crossing over parking lot of TWA Hotel at JFK airport.

TWA crew

Maria Pulice
Movie theater at the Mall of Georgia, with an old-star neon sign. Black and white photograph.

At the Movies

Abstract sculptures standing in a fountain in front of a modernist architecture hotel at night

Graphic Black

Paul Grayson
Great old abandoned movie theater in Virginia.

Moonlite Theatre

A long exposure of a train moving thru a railroad crossing at night.

Night Train RR Crossing

John Henderson
DANGRABBIT 274 1 scaled

Toronto Skyline

JAURON 213 scaled

Central Park Boat House

Vicki Jauron
Metal grate cover on a wall in Philadelphia. Colors are amazing.

Pink Grate

Alice Borowsky
Reflections on the restored “Coney Island” lettering on the gates of Ruby’s Bar and Grill. And

Coney Island Boardwalk Mermaid Mural

John Henderson
Bethesda Fountain, the most beautiful and iconic spot in New York's Central Park, is centered by an

Central Park Bethesda Foundation Landscape

Sharon Steinbach
Nagley's General Store which was featured on the show Northern Exposure in Talkeetna, Alaska.

Nagley’s Store

Vicki Jauron
DANGRABBIT 166 1 scaled

Behind the School

Black and white scene of small, shabby houses surrounded by a parking lot.

Parking Available

Reed Gustow
Blue Tower Building in the Lower East Side of Manhattan - NYC.

Blue Steel

Maria Pulice
KARLIN157 scaled

View From the Ferry

Linda Karlin
Old and decaying gas pump and at defunct gas station along the roadside. Color photograph.

Contains Lead!

DANGRABBIT 145 1 scaled

Behind the Gate

Old abandoned building and graffiti that is part of an old military installation in Queens, NY, and

Buried Beneath

Playful summer in Coney Island, Brooklyn

Beach life at Coney Island

Maria Pulice
Black and white scene of highway showing "road closed" sign and intersecting with city street.

All Traffic Must Turn Left

Reed Gustow
MASSI 154 1 scaled

The Turret II

Kathleen Massi
A beautiful location with beautiful views

House on the Hill

James Haakenson
Cool old vintage style diner, full of nostalgia. Fine art color photograph. Americana.

Mineola Diner

Pink building with outside staircases in lower eastside Manhattan, NYC.

Pink bulidling – Lower eastside Manhattan

Maria Pulice
KARLIN206 scaled


Linda Karlin
An abandoned little house, left in a decaying state, sits in the cold winter with an open window and

The Open Window

View of underpass with blue girders, showing tan wall with visible rebar.

Blue overpass with light

Reed Gustow
MASSI 237 1 scaled

Beach Shacks

Kathleen Massi

The Wonder Wheel

Vicki Jauron
KARLIN153 scaled

Manhattan Transit

Linda Karlin
KARLIN167 scaled

Open Wide

Linda Karlin
MASSI 382 1 scaled

Wire Bypass

Kathleen Massi
I love the Winter in New York. Snow. Lots of it. Blue skies. Hunched in warm clothes and scurrying

Winter in New York 1

Paul Grayson
Night view of the end of an alley, showing a wall with a gate, lights shining through the bars.

Light behind the gate

Reed Gustow
A row of taxis slowly make there under a classically designed crosswalk on 15th Street in New York

Classic Crosswalk

Jacques LeBlanc
the turnstile inside the 183rd St. station for the subway in the Bronx, NY


Harold Naideau
KARLIN160 scaled

St. John the Divine

Linda Karlin
Portal to another place and time.

Window to Another World

Krystle DiNicola
KARLIN215 scaled

Bridge in the Clouds II

Linda Karlin
View of wall in subtle colorations with boarded former door opening and shadow lines.

Wall with door and shadows

Reed Gustow
Sit down and immerse yourself in the beauty of autumn.

A Place To Sit and Relax

Linda Karlin

Eiffel Tower Askew

Vicki Jauron
LEBLANC 101 1 scaled

The Green Door

Jacques LeBlanc

Train Yard – Color

Jessica Lempin
KARLIN 121 1 scaled

Looking Over at the Brooklyn Bridge

Linda Karlin
JAURON 175 scaled

Heading to Brooklyn

Vicki Jauron
A beautiful spring day at the park and The Ice-Cream Man is a sign that summer is around the corner.

Mister Softee

VJ237 scaled

Bow Bridge on Easter Weekend

Vicki Jauron
DANGRABBIT 334 1 scaled

Don’t Liter Please


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