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The larger than life bronze statue of Atlas on New York City's Fifth Avenue - installed in 1937 -

Masked Atlas, Fifth Avenue

Sharon Steinbach
Photographic rules are made to be broken. A general photographic principle is that you should avoid

Two Pigeons, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Steve Speer
For GOT fans, this was another location that was a backdrop when Little Finger was taking Sansa out

Two Doors, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Steve Speer
It was late in the day and this side street was in heavy shadow when I took this shot. My initial

Wall Gargoyle, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Steve Speer
The graphic quality of this viewing slot reminded me of the “Power” icon on computer devices. The

Sentry Post, Spanish Fortress, Hvar, Croatia

Steve Speer
This is Fort Lovrijenac in the Old Town of Dubrovnik, the castle that doubled as the Red Keep in the

The Red Keep, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Steve Speer
It’s about the bird. It would have worked ok without but I think the image is far more impactful

One Gull Hovering, Rovinj, Croatia

Steve Speer
After a late dinner with family, I went wandering the streets of “Old Town” Rovinj and spent several

2am, Ulica Vladimira Svalbe, View East Rovinj, Croatia

Steve Speer
After a late dinner with family, I went wandering the streets of “Old Town” Rovinj and spent several

2am, Ulica Vladimira Svalbe, View West Rovinj, Croatia

Steve Speer
Our Air B&B was very close to this monastery and this image was shot at midnight on our way back

Monastery Bell Tower at Midnight, Hvar, Croatia

Steve Speer
Croatia is a photographic wonderland. We spent three weeks there in 2014 starting in Dubrovnik and

Rovinj at Sunset, Croatia

Steve Speer
You can walk the entire perimeter of the Old Town of Dubrovnik along an elevated walkway. For this

Sentry Post, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Steve Speer
This image was one of extreme contrast between the sun at the top of the image and the deep shadows

Aura, Zagreb Cathedral, Croatia

Steve Speer
This location was directly below the Zagreb Cathedral and I initially came upon it during the harsh

Three Doors, Zagreb, Croatia

Steve Speer
The Old Town of Dubrovnik has so many beautiful facades. This one struck me as we were entering one

Roof Lines, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Steve Speer
This was a recognizable location from Game of Thrones (GOT). As I was framing the shot I noticed the

Saunter, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Steve Speer
This image represents a particularly enjoyable moment for me during our stay on the island of

Ancient Entry Arches, Korcula, Croatia

Steve Speer
I was so taken by the obvious age of the wooden door on the right side of the frame . . . like

Side Street #2, Korcula, Croatia

Steve Speer
When I was composing this shot I was aware of three things. 1. The large window to the left provided

Side Street #1, Korcula, Croatia

Steve Speer
An old pay phone hung on a building.

Make a Phone Call

Susan Solomon
Autumn is ready to embrace us with various shades of red, yellow, purple, black, orange, pink,


There’s something about the beauty of flowers that can add a little sunshine to your day, that


Dogwood Canyon is an outdoor paradise located in Missouri. Featuring 10,000 acres of natural beauty


Summer is the season that most people look forward to the most. It is the warmest of the four


The Arizona cactus is one of the defining plants of the Sonoran Desert. The Arizona desert has


Rustic wooden barn with a cross made of repurposed barn wood, transforming the old country barn into


DUMBO area of Brooklyn, down by the Brooklyn Bridge and the Carousel, overlooking the Tribute in

All the Pretty Horses

Flight Crew crossing over parking lot of TWA Hotel at JFK airport.

TWA crew

Maria Pulice
Aerial view of downtown Auckland, New Zealand. The photo was taken from the space needle.


Steve Scribner
High above the bustling streets in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens, New York runs the twists and

Skyline Golden Rails

Sharon Steinbach
Purple Empire State Building on 34th Street at night.

Empire State Building – Purple

Maria Pulice
Winter wonderland at Madison Square Park, NYC.

Madison Square Park – NYC

Maria Pulice
TWA Hotel, Jamaica - Queens

TWA Hotel Nostalgia

Maria Pulice
Blue Tower Building in the Lower East Side of Manhattan - NYC.

Blue Steel

Maria Pulice
This montage of New York City's iconic and vibrant Central Park showcases the many activities and

Colorful Central Park Montage

Sharon Steinbach

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