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United States Air Force Thunderbird jet taken during the Atlantic City New Jersey Airshow

USAF Thunderbird

John Henderson
MASSI 351 1 scaled

1957 MGA Rear View

Kathleen Massi
Walking by the Main Street in Greenport I saw this convertible car.

Driving at Greenport

Juan Cortes
A ageless Buick automobile, front hood cover

Classic Buick Front

Harold Naideau
an old, red Oldsmobile in need of restoration

Old Red Oldsmobile automobile

Harold Naideau
I was wondering how many people ride this bus.

1426 Bus.

Juan Cortes
MASSI 352 1 scaled

1966 Jaguar E-Type Front View

Kathleen Massi
MASSI 390 1 scaled

1967 GTO Grill

Kathleen Massi
I was walking for the bus on my way to go home when I saw this car in a parking lot.

Wet Porche B&W

Juan Cortes
a colorful interpretation of the grill on an old, rusted farm truck

Farmer’s Truck

Harold Naideau
Shiny silver Lamborghini in New York City.

Lambo in the City

Maria Pulice
Amazing old Pink Cadillac like the one Elvis sang about, along the roadside in front of a retro

Gladys Can’t Drive

Fink's Country Farm in a Truck. Wading River, Long Island.

Fink’s Country Farm Truck

Maria Pulice
KARLIN 187 1 scaled

Modern Transportation

Linda Karlin
Southwestern Colorado includes a historic old west town called Durango. Full of wonderful sights,

Durango & Silverton 482 Coal BW

Steve Scribner
DANGRABBIT 408 1 scaled

American Truck

DANGRABBIT 616 1 scaled

The Followers

Southwestern Colorado includes a historic old west town called Durango. Full of wonderful sights,

Durango & Silverton 482 BW

Steve Scribner
Interior of a true Italian car, the Fiat. Decorated with a lucky charm called, the Mano Cornuto. An

Fiat and Lucky Charm

Maria Pulice
The hood ornament of a Ford Thunderbird

Old Ford Thunderbird Hood Ornament

Harold Naideau
KARLIN 154 1 scaled

Pennsylvania’s Finest

Linda Karlin
a restored blue Mercury automobile

A restored blue Mercury automobile

Harold Naideau
KARLIN 127 1 scaled

Old World Charm

Linda Karlin
a wrecked automobile

Wrecked old car

Harold Naideau
KARLIN218 scaled

Power in the Sky

Linda Karlin
an abandoned old truck

Blue Truck, South Dakota

Harold Naideau
MASSI 289 1 scaled

1967 GTO

Kathleen Massi
GMC Hood ornament

GMC Hood Ornament

Harold Naideau
The antique classic cars are always well made.

Old Chevrolet II

Juan Cortes
Sometimes the classic is better.

Fresh Popcorn

Juan Cortes
Sometimes the classic is better

Two door handles

Juan Cortes
an old, scratched Plymouth automobile with the paint peeling off

An Old Plymouth automobile

Harold Naideau
The antique classic cars are always well made.

Old Chevrolet

Juan Cortes
Blue Truck and houses in Oak Bluffs, Marthas Vineyard.

Martha’s Vineyard Living

Maria Pulice
MASSI 388 1 scaled

1957 Thunderbird

Kathleen Massi
Walking around a parking lot near to the Greenport Marina, I saw this antique car.

A Rambler Car B&W

Juan Cortes
The ice cream vendor strolls through the streets of Oberammergau selling his treats. Brings back

Ice Cream Street Vendor

Steve Scribner
Love the lines within this capture of a Porsche. What details and elegance it holds.

Porsche Study II

Jessica Lempin
KARLIN 176 1 scaled

Blowing Off Steam

Linda Karlin
Color image of intersection of small streets showing partial view of parked van.

Back street scene

Reed Gustow

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