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DANGRABBIT 357 1 scaled

Snow on Trees


Winter Tree at Caumsett State Park

Vicki Jauron
DANGRABBIT 519 1 scaled

Something New

MASSI 244 1 scaled

Storm Moving Out

Kathleen Massi
The White Caps Bridge though not an authentic covered bridge, is still very pretty along scenic

The red covered bridge

Bobbie Turner
JAURON 245 scaled

Tranquil Pond

Vicki Jauron
Old farming tower seen through the woods during a snow squall / snow storm. Is Rapunzel trapped

Let Down Your Hair


Babylon Creek

Vicki Jauron
Falling snow gathers on the back of a large bison in Yellowstone National park. Winter is coming.

Bison with Snow Falling on Shoulders

Steve Scribner
I was walking alone in this park and I liked how this fence looks fill of snow.

Fence in the snow.

Juan Cortes
A photographic Abstract digital painting of a lone shed in the midst of a heavy snow/blizzard .

The Shed in the Blizzard

Reynaldo Williams
A cold fog along this snow covered stream as snow falls.

Foggy cold morning

Bobbie Turner
Heckscher State Park, Great River NY

Waiting For Spring

Jack Calandra
A cold day with a threat of more snow to come on this farm.

The red barn in winter

Bobbie Turner
MASSI 248 1 scaled

Morning Light Scatters the Night

Kathleen Massi
A historic farm on the shores of the Hudson River slumbers after the harvest and, shrouded in snow,

After the Harvest

Anthony Graziano
This structure is very visited for so many people.

Worlds Fair in winter.

Juan Cortes
I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently - Lewis Carrol

Winter Caress

Anthony Graziano
Photographic HDR image of a winter scene I captured on Cromwell Bridge Valley park, in Baltimore, MD

After The Snow Fall II

Reynaldo Williams

The Elms

Vicki Jauron
Snow and ice on Marsh Creek lake against bright blue sky in March in Pennsylvania.

Blue Winter Lake

Vicki Jauron
Ice-olated on Mt. Aso just before a lockdown in Nagasaki Prefecture

Winter Ice

Christy Morales
By November these mountains are covered with snow already.

Snow on mountains

Juan Cortes
Weathered Tree in a sea of grass.  Heckscher State Park, Great River NY

Remnant Of The Past

Jack Calandra
Beach cabanas at the Maidstone Club in East Hampton at the end of a cold February day.

Group Therapy

Jacques LeBlanc
Just past the Park office is a small building that might have once been a storage/kitchen type room

Christmas Window

Al Foti
MASSI 246 1 scaled


Kathleen Massi
DANGRABBIT 238 1 scaled

Wonder and Snow

JAURON 244 scaled

Pennsylvania Country Church

Vicki Jauron
The snowy town center and village area of Mittenwald, Germany.

Mittenwald Village – Bavaria

Maria Pulice
Fresh blanket of snow covering the beach for the  Solstice sunset.

Solstice Snow

Terry Leone
I like the texture of the leaves with snow.

Snow on top.

Juan Cortes
Trees frame a "window" view of fresh snow in rural setting in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Window to Winter Wonderland

Vicki Jauron
trees covered with snow after a winter storm

Winter Trees

Harold Naideau

The Jeweled Tree

Vicki Jauron
The shovel  on the side of the barn has seen much work in its day.

The Shovel

Bobbie Turner
A beautiful aurora display over Blachford Lodge.

Aurora over the Lodge

Bobbie Turner

Do You Recall?

HENIG 146 scaled

Gamecock Cottage In Winter

Joanne Henig
A hush of gold predicts nightfall and in the air is the vague promise of spring. I lift my lens to

Hush of Gold*

Mary Jane Gomes
Snow falling on Maroon Bells

Fresh Snow On Maroon Bells

Dawn Herlihy Reilly Photography
After a snowstorm, a little bar by the south shore of Long Island sits quiet and peaceful under a

Beer and Cocktails

Photographic HDR image of a winter scene I captured on at Cromwell Bridge Valley park, in

After The Snow Fall

Reynaldo Williams
On this cold February morning, a fishing boat begins it's day at the Shinnecock Commercial Fishing

Cold Start

Jacques LeBlanc
This is winter - Abstract landscape - scene Image of a Farm House on Cromwell Valley Park where

Winter Farm House

Reynaldo Williams

Nemo in Melville

Vicki Jauron
JAURON 162 scaled

Winter Wonderland at the Beach

Vicki Jauron
the pond in the Makamah Preserve during the winter when it is snowing

Makamah Pond Winter Scene

Harold Naideau
Ice came and covered everything making a winter ice-scape of the forest. The world sparkled and

Icescape blue*

Mary Jane Gomes
JAURON 113 scaled

Argyle Reflecctions

Vicki Jauron
Bare trees standing in the sand on a cold winter day, just before it snows. Color photograph with

About to Snow

VJ418 scaled

Caumsett Through The Reeds

Vicki Jauron
I like the red color of the cherries on snow.

Snow on cherries II

Juan Cortes
Ithaca is gorges and falls. Taughannock is one of its numerous waterfalls. An easy hike brings you

Taughannock Falls ll

Marisa Comple
A cardinal sits in the shrub during a snow storm.

Cardinal in the snow

Bobbie Turner
JAURON 170 scaled

Coming Alive

Vicki Jauron
VJ292 scaled

Snow Morning Along the Canal in Babylon

Vicki Jauron

Life and Rainbows

I just tried something new and I like the result.

Blur effect.

Juan Cortes
A large leafless tree with its menacing limbs against a winter sky, poses as a haunting figure over

Menacing Landscape (B&W version)

Jack Calandra
A closeup of a Blue Jay during a snow storm. The image was softened for effect.

Cold Fluffy Blue Jay

Bobbie Turner
JAURON 160 scaled

Caumsett Winter 2018

Vicki Jauron
Golden leaves on beech tree are set against wet snow covering branches in Pennsylvania.

Winter Leaves and Snow

Vicki Jauron
Male cardinal flying to the next feeder after the snow.


Terry Leone
Sundown catches my eye in the Winter forest, Smokey as it warms a chilling landscape of winter. I

Winter sundown*

Mary Jane Gomes
A small bridge, covered with giant pine trees forming a tunnel leading to a snow covered landscape.

Pine Tunnel Bridge

Jack Calandra
Beautiful wispy pink clouds against blue and purple sky at sunrise in Pennsylvania.

Pink Hope

Vicki Jauron
DANGRABBIT 351 1 scaled

Winter in Montauk

Close to sunset, a cold winter day with snow on the pier in East Islip, Suffolk County, NY. Color

Walk with Ice

Elegance in nature with snow covered trees after Storm Orlena in Pennsylvania.

Elegant Snow Covered Trees

Vicki Jauron
a snow covered winter stream that winds through the woods during the winter

The Stream in the Woods

Harold Naideau
JAURON 186 scaled

Pink and Splashy

Vicki Jauron
KARLIN135 scaled

Winter at Cedarmere

Linda Karlin
Little bits of an old dock stick up from the frozen ice and cold water of The Great South Bay on a

Against the Ice

Red bird resting solo on snowy branches in the hills of Mittenwald, Germany.

Single Red Bird – Mittenwald, Germany

Maria Pulice

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